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за период 1099-1987 гг.

List of Latin Patriarchs of Jerusalem

Arnulf of Chocques (1099)
Dagobert of Pisa (1099-1102)
Ehremar (1102)
Dagobert of Pisa (restored) (1102-1107)
Ghibbelin of Arles (1107-1112)
Arnulf of Chocques (restored) (1112-1118)
Garmond of Picquigny (1119-1128)
Stephen (1128-1130)
William I of Malines (1130-1145)
Fulk of Angouleme (1146-1157)
Amalric of Nesle (1157-1180)
Heraclius (1180-1191)
Jerusalem lost in 1187; seat of the Patriarch moved to Acre.

vacant (1191-1194)
Aimaro Monaco dei Corbizzi (1194-1202)
Soffredo Errico Gaetani (1202-1204)
Albert Avogadro (1204-1214)
Raoul of Merencourt (1214-1225)
Gerald of Lausanne (1225-1238)
vacant (1238-1240); Jacques de Vitry appointed but never served
Robert of Nantes (1240-1254)
Jacques Pantaleon (1255-1261), future Pope Urban IV of Rome
William II of Agen (1261-1270)
Thomas Agni of Cosenza (1271-1277)
John of Versailles (1278-1279)
Elijah (1279-1287)
Nicholas of Hanapes (1288-1294)
Acre lost in 1291; moved to Cyprus then Rome after 1374; only honorary patriarchs until 1847.

Antony Bek (1306-1311), also Prince-Bishop of Durham in England from 1284 to 1310
The Franciscan Custos of the Holy Lands (The Grand Masters of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre) held the title from 1342 to 1830 under the Papal bull Gratiam agimus by Pope Clement VI (unless someone was specifically appointed in the honorary office).

Peter Paludanus (1329-1342)
Elie de Nabinal (1342-1348)
Philippe de Cabassole (died 1372)
Philippe d'Alencon (died 1397)
Bertrande de Chanac (?-1401?)
Rodrigo Carvajal (1523-1539)
Gian Antonio Facchinetti de Nuce (1572-1585), future Pope Innocent IX of Rome